Powerful Discovery in Houston: Slogans and Leveraging Free Resources

Sometimes the spot-on marketing examples pop-up where you least expect to find them. Learn how to create a business slogan and leverage your resources in Houston or anywhere.

Surprised, I found the best local Houston business tagline! This wonderful discovery I made in a Houston’s Acres Home area will inspire you. I’m sharing it with you so you can save time with 2 tips in this blog post:
1. How to craft an effective tagline (slogan or USP)
2. How to leverage nearby resources

Tip #1: Effect taglines

If you’re spending a lot of time wondering what to say in marketing to your target audience, you might be overthinking it.

And if you’re settling for some lame cliche that an ad agency wrote — “We listen, Care & Explain” — you KNOW it can be better … and needs to be!

We were driving from NW Houston to an appointment in the Heights recently and saw one of the best taglines (AKA Unique Sales Propositions) ever.

This business promise was in red letters on a simple white sign. It stood out on a route we took on a busy commercial street through an older Houston neighborhood.

“We Teach Our 3 Year Olds To Read.”

A variation was also posted on a neighboring business’s fence: “Our 3 year olds can read.”

How powerful! This bold promise directly relates to every parent’s dream for their child.

And it differentiates this daycare business from others on the street.

The child care business with the powerful slogan is inside a subtle gray building surrounded by a tall chainlink fence, a concrete parking lot in front, and a vacant lot on one side and a busy intersection on the other.

No cute-sy cartoons or painted animals, no kid-like writing on signage. That very straightforward promise in bold red letters on a white background:

“Our 3 year olds can read.”

Children are not choosing their daycare, parents are. That’s what makes this a perfect local business slogan or tagline or USP, whatever term you prefer. Here’s another tip from this same daycare.

Lesson #2: Leverage nearby resources

This business is so marketing savvy that it also uses one of our favorite local business marketing techniques to leverage
resources available at $0 or very low cost or bartering: Tapping OPP —- Other People’s People.

Their impactful slogan sign was installed in 3 businesses on this same street. Not just any businesses, they chose businesses with the same target audience: parents (Moms).

Marketing inspiration is everywhere! This “Best in Class” marketing example came from a daycare business in Houston’s Acres Home neighborhood.

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