One of our clients asked us about a domain registration renewal letter they got in the mail. Glad they asked! The unsolicited letter is from a company that the BBB rates as an “F.” This company gets info on what domains are coming up for renewal in a few months. Then they mail a letter that looks just like an invoice to attempt to get busy local business owners and professionals to renew their domain without realizing that they have been victimized.

Note that the company’s package:

  • Has a big headline: “Domain Name Expiration Notice” to get your attention.
  • Looks like an invoice with pricing included yet claims “this is not an invoice.”
  • Charges $45/year for renewal. (We renew with our trusted registrar for $12 or less a year and get our privacy protected from these scammers!)
  • Has a place on the paper form for your Credit Card info. Never give your credit card details on a paper form to anyone at any time.
  • Includes a Return Envelope to suggest that you are supposed to reply.

This company has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How did the company get the business owner’s name?  The company “scrapes” info on domains that are expiring and the contact info of the domain owners.

How can you protect your business domain and your contact information?

  1. We’ve used the same registrar for almost 10 years because we trust them and they offer what you really need at reasonable prices without a low price bait and then bait and switch like “daddy” and others do. Save time and use NameCheap (this is an affiliate link so we are compensated if you purchase through this link.).
  2. We recommend getting WHOIS protection for a very small annual fee.  If you do not add “WHOIS Protection” to your domain name registration, your contact info is publicly available. There’s usually a WHOIS savings when you register a domain with NameCheap (affiliate link).
  3. Check and update your contact info in your domain registration account profile to make sure it has not changed without your permission. Our registrar (and hosting providers) alert us when there’s a log-in from an unusual source.
  4. Avoid domain registration and hosting that’s supposedly cheap and “too good to be true” because it usually is. We only register domains on NameCheap, we use NameCheap hosting for a few of our new niche sites, and host client and our main WordPress websites on Flywheel hosting. (That is NOT an affiliate link