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Fuzia Strategies is a different kind of business consulting and marketing coaching firm. And that’s great news for you and your business. Our Priority: help you close profit leaks to build your sustainable system to grow and prosper.

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The Fuzia Strategies team includes a talented individuals with expertise in all areas of marketing, communications, sales funnels, digital and print advertising, design, production, SEO, email, video, social media, website development, customer service systems, CRM, efficiency processes, and planning.

Fuzia Strategies’ leaders start and own businesses. We understand the tremendous responsibilities you have as a local business owner. As consultants, we’ve worked with just about every kind of business. That means we know what is working now, and how to apply those proven strategies and techniques to help you. Give us a call if you’re ready for a complimentary consultation about your business. 713.714.7490

What kinds of businesses have we worked with?

Healthcare, Finance, Real estate
Manufacturing, Services, Home improvement
Auto repair, Private jet manufacturing
Campaigns, Food production, Staffing
Personal improvement, Interior design
Restaurants & Catering, Gifts & furnishings
Apparel & accessories, Art Gallery
Retail, Start-ups, Non-profits, Government

Are you constantly looking for solutions that help you get higher lead generation & sales from your marketing budget? Our work has helped business owners in many ways including these examples of results:

  • targeted strategic action plan saved one business $700 per month in unproductive advertising costs,
  • doubled holiday retail sales, adding, in just 63 days, almost $70,000 in new revenue to a 2nd year business,
  • slashed excess inbound inventory, saving almost $20,000 in one afternoon,
  • revised automated reminder emails to triple appointment confirmation rates,
  • sold-out monthly special events with reservations for the next month’s event made that night,
  • doubled lead generation,
  • found $98,000 in unsold estimates and recommended a system to convert at least 25% to new sales,
  • focused messaging and content to increase engagement and expand social media communities by 300%,
  • lowered PPC costs by 16% and increased conversions by 29%,
  • tested a renewal offer to a few stagnant customers and generated $1,100 in the first 3 days, and
  • modernized or created branding, websites, communications, customer experiences, and back-end systems to improve results and give the business owners confidence that they can grow and thrive.*

*Please remember that every business and business owner is unique and applies their plan and learning differently so your results and experience with The Answer System and our company may be completely different from these examples of results.

How much do you think you would gain if you had the advantages of the business owners we’ve worked with? Every day that you operate your business without a Strategic Growth Action Plan and sales funnels guided by a system like The Answer, dollars and customers are likely flowing to your competitors.

With Fuzia Strategies, you benefit from our enviable breadth and depth of knowledge across every aspect of solving business growth and marketing challenges.

Are you truly ready to fix what’s holding you and your business back? Or are you still looking for instant results from the “latest thing”?

You might be like many local business owners who are stuck in “activity-based” marketing that jumps around with no profit plan. These are in that group of “getting seen online,” “increasing likes and shares,” “putting your name out there,” writing checks for donations that are not driving people to call, click, or come in.

The Answer Seminar and Mastermind Series. We start with research. You want us to understand your business, your competition, the marketplace, and profitable opportunities.

We work with you to craft your custom action plan. You want proven strategies and effective tactics. Your particular business endeavor and situation is “different.” That’s why The Answer system is crafted just for you. You come to The Answer training seminar and learn with a very small group of business owners or you invest in working directly with us. Whatever path you choose to apply The Answer, you start moving down a defined, specific path for your business. You no longer have to wander around, wondering, trying every little new idea. Your custom Strategic Growth Action Plan is your road map that outlines your potential, your “Path to Profits.”

What’s it like to work with Fuzia Strategies?

  1. You are never assigned a “sales  or account rep.” You learn from or work with the Fuzia Strategies leadership.
  2. There is no “sugar coating” when we identify internal issues. You are investing in expert help, not a “feel good” session.
  3. You get answers based on what is proven to work. We guide you in an honest, straightforward, and candid way to chart your path to profits, help implement your specific solutions, and a install your customized system to grow your business.
  4. Seminars are intensive, engaging small group sessions that teach you the details and help you map your action plan during the session.
  5. If you qualify to work privately with us, you are directly coached, guided, and advised, in private sessions with one or both of our Fuzia Strategies leaders. Finally, you can feel free to share your fears, frustrations, dreams, and ambitions and know that we’re there with you, and will help you slay the challenges and obstacles. Private consulting with us is a 6-month to 12-month (or longer) business growth experience engagement.

When you work with Fuzia Strategies, or attend The Answer seminars, you access 50 years of combined leadership experience and expertise in leading and growing a business. You’re investing in how to help you solve the obstacles you face and help you get where you feel your business should be.

Learn about Fuzia Strategies’ leaders:

Evan Pardue, President, Fuzia Strategies:
Innovatively using your skills and expertise is a trademark of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. While pursuing a BFA at the renowned Kansas City Art Institute, Little Rock native Evan Pardue recognized how an artist’s work ethic applied to business management and start-ups. As one of the top in his graduating class, Evan also achieved recognition as the most awarded student in the school’s 100+ year history.

Problem solving, strategic planning, risk and failure analysis, market research & positioning, and product development are essential skills needed to succeed as an artist when these skills are applied with raw talent and intellect. Being able to build strategies, eliminate risk, and develop products that are built with quality, can succeed with time, and that stand for a set of values are deeply rooted in Evan’s work ethic and business philosophy.

With more than 10 years in business and sales experience, he has applied his tireless work ethic and sharpened point of view to business. He understands and redefines not only how customers buy things, but how customers, clients or patients experience your products and services. Evan knows what that interaction means to your business and its bottom line.

While working at Urban Outfitters, he helped design a new customer service program and trained all staff leading to a 6% increase in holiday sales for a store with annual sales of $6 million. His position as a Customer Experience Leader was, at that time, the only one in the company.

As president of Fuzia Strategies, Evan is leading in creating products and services that help business owners in need of honest solutions with proven growth strategies to overcome their business obstacles. An accomplished public speaker, he coaches business owners and entrepreneurs on presenting their company’s image and attributes with compelling delivery.

Every business or endeavor succeeds when it has identified, targeted, and reached its honest potential. Evan is passionate about working directly with well-organized start-up businesses. If you or just starting out or have been operating for 3 or more years, Evan helps you refine and chart pathways to greater success.

Senior Partner Barbara Pardue:
Prior to starting business and marketing consulting in 2001, Barbara’s professional career spanned 25 years in senior level marketing communications and management posts. She worked for major corporations, state and federal elected officials, and national campaign organizations. She has helped scores of business owners, companies, and entrepreneurs define and achieve new success and sales goals.

Through Fuzia Strategies, Barbara guides business owners, start-ups, and executives to strategic decisions and implementation of online and offline profit-growth systems. She helps you avoid expensive, disconnected marketing activities. Her savvy identification of key connectors, new revenue streams, automated systems, and cross-promotion and PR opportunities is a keen benefit for all clients. With 11 years in political campaigns and government and 25 years in the private sector, Barbara brings a unique combination of marketing and communications mastery, business expertise, tech savvy, understanding consumer behavior, and leadership to help your business or organization.

She has been interviewed by local, national, and international news media. A gifted public speaker,  Barbara has informed and entertained audiences of up to 2,500 people. Her presentations on topics such as overcoming the overwhelm as a local business owner, tackling entrepreneurial challenges, growing a local business online & offline, how to communicate as a leader, the role of local business & corporations in economic development, and “why your ‘marketing’ is not working” are inspirational and motivate audiences to take action.

She served as a senior Cabinet member, senior adviser, corporate vice president, press secretary, regional director, communications director, and chief spokesperson for 2 Governors, a U.S. Senator, the National Republican Congressional (Campaign) Committee, 2 Fortune 1000 corporations, and the successful 1988 Presidential nomination campaign for President George H.W. Bush.

Barbara was a guest on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and has been quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and dozens of other major news outlets. She has booked guest appearances for clients on local and national media, coached clients on public speaking, prepared for a “60 Minutes” segment, directed media relations, and has written news releases and columns for online and offline publication to help achieve strategic goals and positioning.

During her tenure in top corporate management for the nation’s largest temporary help company, she directed strategic initiatives that earned Business Week’s recognition as one of the Best Places for Women to Work. She forged a Business Alliance with IBM/Lexmark. These initiatives and others she directed helped the company reach its recruiting and sales goals and saved $9 million a year.

Her leadership of Arkansas’ Economic Development agency on the Governor’s Senior Cabinet secured more than $1 billion in capital investment, created thousands of new jobs, forged innovative education-economic development partnerships, initiated an energetic advocacy for the emerging tech and R&D sectors, supported entrepreneurs and local businesses, and negotiated expansions by world leaders such as Alltel (now part of Verizon), Walmart, Tyson Foods, Nucor Steel, and JB Hunt.

During her service as Executive Director, the agency of 95 employees, 5 international offices, and a $40 million budget eliminated an inherited 18-month back-log of rural community development block grant projects, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She served on the Walton College of Business Executive Advisory Board, the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame Selection Committee and chaired the Government Relations Committee of the Arkansas Forestry Association. She initiated landmark conservation education projects including the Potlatch Conservation Education Center at Cook’s Lake and the Classroom in the Forest. She worked with company foresters and the federal government on a unique agreement to protect the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and its habitat on company lands.

Barbara’s work earned ADDY awards, Internet Marketing recognition, and a PRSA Bronze Quill Award. She was inducted into the AGFF Outdoor Hall of Fame, the Top 40 Under 40, and, twice, was named in Arkansas’ 100 Most Influential Women.

Barbara is a master of strategic business planning, creating new revenue streams, and integrating all facets of digital and traditional marketing into a cohesive system to grow your business.

If you are curious about how The Answer™ System can help grow business, we welcome your inquiry. Call 713.714.7490 or send us a message here: fuziastrategies AT gmail DOT com. We look forward to learning about your business and how we can best help you remove obstacles to growing.

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